1. Colour Restoration: Original colours that have faded due to wear and tear or sunlight cannot be restored, nor can the effects of grease, sweat, and hair oil be entirely removed.
  2. Price Quotation: The price quotation given over the call is an estimate only. The exact cost of treatment can only be determined after inspecting the job by the operator.
  3. Latent Damage or Defects: The company does not accept responsibility for any latent damage or defects not apparent at the time of receipt of goods but which may appear during or result from ordinary and normal processing. Examples include:
    a) Dry Rot: A weak or brittle condition of some rug backings.
    b) Weak Dyes: Where sub-standard types of dyes or dyeing methods have been used.
    c) Discolorations: Caused by urine, acid or alkalis, backing or underfelt conditions, incorrect home cleaning methods or materials.
    d) Fading: Caused by sunlight cannot be rectified.
    e) Shading: Caused by traffic conditions of the carpet may not be fully estimated in the cleaning.
    f) Latex and Bonding Deterioration: Latex used in some backings and for fringing, tape binding, seaming, and other repairs deteriorates over time and may loosen during operation.
    g) Texture Changes: Some types of rugs and carpets change texture and appearance; the company cannot assume responsibility for these changes.
  4. Storage: The company will provide free storage for goods delivered for no more than 7 days after notification that the goods are ready for collection. A storage charge will be applied for goods not collected after 7 days.
  5. Complaints: No complaints regarding any work or service contracted will be considered unless a formal complaint is lodged within 24 to 48 hours of the performance of the work.
  6. Variation of Conditions: These conditions cannot be varied by a servant or agent of the company unless expressly authorized in writing by the company.
  7. Liability for Charges: Receipt of service and goods acknowledges liability for charges. Until all proceeds are processed to completion, the customer remains liable for all charges.
  8. Carpet Repair/Restretching: We always try our best with damage repair, but no guarantee is provided for the service.
  9. Stain and Smell Removal: No guarantees are provided for the complete removal of stains and smells.
  10. Acknowledgment: By paying for the service, the customer acknowledges careful reading of all instructions, job descriptions, and prices, and accepts them.
  11. Possum Handling:
    • We supply standard cages to catch possums on residential and commercial properties but do not visit the property for free to release or relocate the possum. The charge is the same as our first visit.
    • We do not guarantee to catch the possum with our cage or a follow-up visit to release or relocate the possum. If our contractor is unavailable, you may engage another company at your own cost.



We assure no responsibility for breakage or damage caused by employees when asked to handle personal property in your home. For special requests (e.g., not to move certain items), please state and sign on the front of the invoice. Thank you for your patronage.


Individual attention has been given to this material, but some stains (e.g., cordial, furniture stains, urine, some inks, and substances containing strong dyes) cannot be removed without the risk of damaging the colors or fibers. These stains may become more visible after professional cleaning. This is noted to ensure you are aware it has not been overlooked. If you have any questions, please contact us.

No effort is spared to ensure your materials look their best. Your participation is also important. Leave windows and doors open to allow ample ventilation to speed up drying time; on a damp, humid day, a heater can be helpful. Once dry, thorough vacuuming will further enhance the beauty and fluffiness of your carpeting.


100% guarantee for the complete removal of stains, odour, moulds is not given